Mobile Platform

Mobile Application & Games

Rapidly changing face of mobile technology coupled with highly demanding end customers mandate the time-to-market of new mobile applications to be an absolute minimum. Digeebird has the right expertise, processes and experience in custom mobile application software development to provide you the leading edge in this highly competitive landscape. Our inhouse developed solution help our clients achieve a minimal time-to-market and our outsourced mobile software development services give you an unmatched cost advantage.


Creative Solution

To connect perfectly, your business needs effective communication and that means you need interactivity. Digeebird provides interactive graphic, unique multimedia design, and reflect your company’s image in the way that most appeals to your target audience.

Web Development

Ultimate Web Solution

The internet is a tool which facilitates quick and efficient business activities online. With expertise in Web standards, Rich Internet Applications, Distributed computing, web delivered content, cluster storage, and several web technologies Digeebird support and help you raise your business to a higher level.

Why choose us?
Multi-Platform Technologies

In the world of evolving technology, Digeebird brings the latest, multi-platform technologies that are custom-built, innovative and truly cost-effective. We understand your needs for mobile and affiliated handset devices that require applications from the perspective of communities/users who seek convenience, speed, functionality, reliability and affordability.

Cost & Time

Digeebird provides cost effective, timely solutions for the needs of customers looking to get their products outsourced within the areas of web and mobile applications.

  • Complete transparency
  • An innovative agile model wherein our customers stay in control of the outsourced team on a day to day and hour to hour basis
  • Required quality deliverable
  • End-to-End Mobile Solutions
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Digeebird is founded by a multi-talented group of professionals and is a rapidly expanding one stop shop for the mobile web of the present as well as the future. Our team are deeply technical, follow openness of approach and yet understanding its customer’s concern.

How we work?

Agile and effective plan is essential to foster project execution and help drive business. During the concept building phase, we’ll work closely with you to understand your current project needs, goals, and challenges.

Our team of technology experts can help you document and narrow the scope of your project and design the most cutting edge application with all of the latest features and an optimal UI.

Today demand of mobile applications that are as visually compelling as they are functional are increasing rapidly. Our team of interactive design experts is here to help you design applications and games that bring your most creative, out-of-the-box ideas to life. Digeebird provide solutions for creation of rich, native, branded mobile applications that enhance brand recognition, customer engagement and the optimal user experience on any mobile device.

We build cross-functional teams to avoid dependency on a specific team member during product development lifecycle. To provides consistency and product stability in-depth documentation is practised. Also configuration management is done to check the code base into a common repository to enable various teams / members to build incrementally and avoid redundancy.

Digeebird provides mobile app testing during every stage of your mobile application development project. Our team will provide unit testing on all screens and functions in scope for the project. Application accuracy, performance and usability will be tested on each device, while data entry, validation requirements and data added/modified will be tested to ensure your applications are working up to quality standards.